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HZ Attorney Discusses Lawsuit Against School for Neglecting and Abusing Special Needs Student

Hollingsworth & Zivitz attorney was featured in a story on RTV6, The Indy Channel, discussing a case in which he represents a Wheatfield boy who suffered neglect and abuse at school. The case involves a 12-year-old boy diagnosed with disabilities including autism ADHD and anxiety disorder, and the lawsuit alleges that he was subjected to "cruel, gratuitous and sadistic acts of mistreatment, psychological and physical abuse...including neglect battery and confinement" at the hands of school employees. To learn more about the case and find out what our attorney had to say to the media, visit the link below:

"Lawsuit alleges school abused, neglected boy with special needs"

To read the complaint, follow the link below:

"Melissa Christensen v. Kankakee Valley School Corporation and Brenda Kalinke"