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Tax Collection Resolution

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Both the Federal and Indiana tax codes grant broad powers to their respective taxing authorities in collecting taxes. Penalties and interest run high and often, and can greatly increase the burden on the taxpayer. Furthermore, authorities can levy your house and bank accounts, garnish your wages and ruin your credit. Therefore, it is important for taxpayers who have received a notice of collection to understand both their rights in collections and options.

Furthermore, bankruptcy only absolves certain tax debts in very specific situations, and does not lift liens placed on your property. Without setting up a payment plan, you can still find yourself making high payments after the proceedings. Both the IRS and Indiana taxing authorities offer payment plans and settlement procedures which you may qualify for that can help resolve your tax debt without inhibiting your ability to provide for yourself and family. The longer you wait, the more the cost of your tax debt will increase. If you are facing an issue regarding the collection and payment of tax debt, give us a call and we will help you determine your best options for resolving the issue and getting you on a path to being tax debt free.

Tax Dispute Resolution

Whether it’s an issue of Federal or State tax, the process for disputing a tax assessment can be cumbersome and confusing to taxpayers. There are multiple sources of authority to consider, and different venues with their own procedures and rules on how to request relief. If you have received a letter from the IRS or any Indiana taxing authority assessing a tax that you feel is in error or unfair, there may be options available to you. Our attorneys will help you through the process of appealing an assessment, and fight on your behalf to ensure your rights as a taxpayer are protected.

Tax Return Preparation

Every year, most citizens and United State residents are required file a return with the IRS and State of Indiana. Even if you don’t have to file taxes for reporting purchases, it is still recommended you file to qualify for tax credits and other benefits. Due to the amount of tax law affecting your return, completing a return can be a difficult process. Furthermore, the consequences of an incorrectly or late filed tax return can be dire with heavy penalties and fees, as well as restrictions on your ability to obtain financing.

Whether you need a basic or advanced return, or advice on completing the return in general, Hollingsworth & Zivitz is prepared to help you with your individual income tax return needs. Contact our firm today at 317.DIVORCE.

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