Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

Mediation: A Viable Alternative to Traditional Divorce Methods

Over the years, we, the skilled legal team of Indianapolis divorce attorneys at Hollingsworth & Zivitz, have noticed an upward trend for divorcing couples to choose mediation as a way to settle their divorce. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution, which allows a couple to amicably go their separate ways. Divorce doesn't have to be emotionally or financially draining, and mediation proves that.

The advantages of mediation also include the following:

  • A more private setting to settle your divorce
  • Receive a more hands-on approach to your divorce
  • Saves you time and money in comparison to a traditional divorce

Minimizing Conflict So You Can Move On With Your Life

If you are interested in mediation, our firm can guide you through the entire process, step by step. We will carefully listen to your needs, provide you with reliable counsel, and negotiate on your behalf. We will communicate directly with your spouse's attorney and ensure that your rights and interests are always protected. We will do whatever it takes to help you walk away with the positive case outcome you desire. When you choose to retain our firm's legal services, you can feel confident in knowing your matter is in good hands.

Collaborative Law: Enabling More Peaceful Divorce Negotiations

A collaborative divorce is an excellent option for two individuals who are ready to end a marriage, but want to do so in as peaceful a manner as possible. Through thoughtful negotiations, both spouses can reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial, without the added stressor of the presence of a judge or divorce court. During a collaborative divorce, your attorney is responsible for facilitating negotiations, ensuring that all legal requirements are met as assets are divided, child custody is negotiated, and spousal support terms are set.

The benefits of working with a collaborative divorce attorney include:

  • Settling your divorce without the stress and expense of court
  • Maintaining a level of mutual respect between all parties
  • Higher level of protection for any children involved
  • Personally negotiate settlements, increasing the likelihood that the final agreement will be mutually beneficial
  • Gentle direction by your attorney for each settlement meeting, increasing productivity

Avoid Court by Working Together

As your collaborative divorce attorney, our job at Hollingsworth & Zivitz is to facilitate an environment that encourages respectful communication between all involved parties. We personally walk you through the process, helping to make this transition as smooth as possible. Collaborative divorce is an increasingly popular method of negotiation, due to the mutually beneficial outcome it facilitates.

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