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Can a child support order be changed?

When the court decides on a child support amount, they are trying to be as subjective as possible, focusing primarily on looking out for the best interests of the child. However, over time, a child support order may no longer suit the needs of the child and parents involved. Child support orders are not set in stone and may be modified under certain circumstances.

For example, if the following exist, an order may be changed:

  1. There exists changed circumstances so substantial and continuing as to make the prior support order unreasonable; OR
  2. The amount of support ordered to be paid differs by more than 20% from the amount that would be paid by applying the guidelines AND the order requested to be modified was issued at least one year before the request for modification.

If you think you need to modify your child support order, our Indianapolis family law attorneys can help you navigate this process. In cases where you are and your ex-spouse or partner can agree to cooperate on a modification, you can both petition the court for an approval of your support change. Even if you believe you are both on the same page, you still need legal counsel to ensure your best interests are protected.

What if I disagree with my ex-spouse concerning child support?

In the event of a disagreement, a party seeking to modify a child support obligation will need to file a petition for modification of support. The party seeking to modify the support order will be expected to show that circumstances have substantially changed or that the amount of support devised by applying the guidelines would differ from the previous amount by at least 20%. Common examples of significant changes include job loss, salary increases, change in living status, and other similar issues.

Can I seek a modification of child support if I am the receiving parent?

Either parent may seek a modification of child support. For the party receiving child support, if the parent paying support earns significantly more money than when the prior support order was entered -or there has been a change in the wages of the custodial parent -modification may be appropriate. Other circumstances may justify a modification and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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