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A case conference committee (CCC) consists of the parents and school personnel who will jointly make educational decisions for a disabled student. Parents are supposed to be equal partners with the school representatives. The CCC should include:

  • A school representative with authority to commit resources
  • The student’s teacher of record (TOR)
  • At least one of the student’s general education teachers
  • The parent(s)
  • An instructional strategist

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When the purpose of the CCC is to determine the student’s eligibility for special education services, a member of the Multi-disciplinary team (M-Team) is required to attend. Parents may invite other individuals who are familiar with the student. A CCC must meet:

  • Within the stated timeline for initial evaluation or reevaluation
  • At least once a year
  • When requested by a parent or school personnel
  • Within 10 days after the student’s transfer from another school district
  • Within 10 days of a disciplinary change of placement
  • To determine an interim alternative educational setting (IAES)
  • Every 60 school days for students placed on full-time homebound services

The CCC is responsible for:

  • Reviewing the student’s educational evaluation report and determining his or her eligibility for special education services
  • Reviewing the student’s present levels of performance and monitoring progress
  • Developing and updating the student’s individualized education plan (IEP)
  • Determining appropriate special education services

If the parent(s) and school disagree over appropriate services, the parent(s) may dispute the school’s decision by requesting a meeting with school administrators or requesting a due process hearing. Parents also have the option of requesting an independent educational evaluation at the school’s expense if there is disagreement over the student’s eligibility for services or the results of his evaluation. At Hollingsworth & Zivitz, our Carmel education law lawyers can help you if a legal matter arises from a case conference.

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