Collections and Other Business Litigation

Uncollected accounts receivable can cause incredible strain on a business. Accounts receivable represent uncollected profit, as your business has already incurred the expense. The math is simple – and can be frightening! At a 5% profit margin, with $10,000 outstanding, you would need an additional $200,000 of new business to make up for the loss!

If you are unable to get payment on your own within 30-90 days of a debt becoming past due, you may need to get to get a third party involved. Our collection lawyers can help you analyze your situation and either assist in finding a third party collection agency to work with to attempt to collect the debt pre-litigation, or proceed straight to suit. If a lawsuit is filed, our office will move the case to settlement or judgment as soon as possible, and will. Financial terms for representation are negotiable depending on nature, amount and age of debt; identity and asset status of debtor; volume of cases placed for suit.

Businesses also unfortunately find themselves in situations where a contract is breached and might need to be enforced through litigation, or find themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit. Our lawyers can assist you in analyzing the feasibility and forecast the possible cost of business litigation and proceed to develop a plan to effectively represent your interests.

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