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  • One Drink DUI? Feds want to lower threshold for drunk driving

    || 3-Jun-2013

    The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended, among other restrictions, that the states lower the blood-alcohol level at which a motorist can be charged with drunk driving from.08 to.05. The Board's goal is to lower the amount of alcohol-related deaths in the United States, which has stayed at a consistent level for a number of years. The Board believes this regulation will ...
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  • Follow ICJI on Twitter

    || 18-Jan-2013

    Starting today, law enforcement officials, schools, members of the media and the general public may follow @ICJI_TSD for the latest traffic safety news and updates impacting all Indiana motorists. Followers will also receive important information on statewide enforcement campaigns and other Indiana highway safety initiatives. Contact Information: Name: Mica McQueen Phone: 317-232-1292 Email: ...
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  • Indiana Law Enforcement Agencies Welcome March with Statewide Crackdown

    || 1-Mar-2012

    Officers work overtime to deter impaired, dangerous driving during the busy season In an effort to reduce the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities on Indiana roadways this March, Ryan Klitzsch, Traffic Safety division director of the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI) today announced that state and local law enforcement agencies will on Friday begin the Operation Pull Over Blitz. This ...
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