Indiana School Authorities Have 9-year Old Boy with Autism Arrested

Posted By Tom Blessing Special Education Attorney with Hollingsworth & Zivitz || 2-Nov-2017

In my special education practice, I get lots of calls from parents whose children are being bullied at school. Almost every parent who calls me tells me the school doesn’t take it seriously, doesn’t punish the bullies and dismisses it as “kids will be kids.” The most school employees will tell parents is “We’re conducting an investigation” or “we’re taking steps to address the situation.” Of course, they never tell the victim’s parents the results of their “investigation” or how the bullies were punished.

Almost all of the students I represent have special needs, and many of them have been the victims of bullying at school. So what happens when a special education student gets bullied at school and tries to defend himself?

Well, apparently in Franklin, Indiana he gets arrested. That’s right: according to a report in the Daily Mail, when a 9-year old boy with autism got bullied on the playground at Needham Elementary School, he fought back. School employees called police, who took the boy into custody and he was charged with battery and criminal mischief. The moral of the story appears to be that schools do nothing to stop bullying, but when the victim fights back, they overreact by expelling him or calling police. And with incidents like the Sandy Hook shooting still fresh in our minds, schools can get away with just about anything in the name of “student safety.” Watch the video by clicking here.

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