Free Special Needs Resource Fair

Posted By Tom Blessing Special Education Attorney with Hollingsworth & Zivitz || 10-Nov-2017

It can be tough for parents of children with special needs to find things to do on the weekend, especially now that weather is getting cooler and it’s harder to enjoy the outdoors. Most of you are probably familiar with the publication Indy’s Child. Next Saturday, it’s hosting Indy’s Special Child Resource Fair for families with special needs—a great opportunity to get out of the house for a couple hours. Parents can visit local vendors while kids enjoy sensory-friendly entertainment and take part in workshops provided by the Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation Monon Center. Activities include yoga, games and circuit training to get some exercise and blow off steam! Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation has been a terrific friend and partner of the special needs community and offers many wonderful programs for children and young adults with disabilities.

When: Saturday, November 18 | 1pm-4pm

Where:The Monon Center | 1235 Central Park Drive East | Carmel, IN

Sponsored by: Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation, Applied Behavior Center for Autism, Bierman ABA Autism Center and Damar Services.

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