Blog Posts in November, 2017

  • Special Needs Students and School Discipline

    || 20-Nov-2017

    By Tom Blessing Indiana Special Education Attorney Hollingsworth & Zivitz I get lots of calls from parents whose special needs children do things which get them in trouble at public schools, leading to suspension, expulsion, placement in an interim setting and even juvenile criminal charges. Sometimes schools will call parents (often repeatedly) asking them to come pick ...
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  • Free Special Needs Resource Fair

    || 10-Nov-2017

    It can be tough for parents of children with special needs to find things to do on the weekend, especially now that weather is getting cooler and it’s harder to enjoy the outdoors. Most of you are probably familiar with the publication Indy’s Child. Next Saturday, it’s hosting Indy’s Special Child Resource Fair for families with special needs—a great opportunity to ...
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  • Indiana School Authorities Have 9-year Old Boy with Autism Arrested

    || 2-Nov-2017

    In my special education practice, I get lots of calls from parents whose children are being bullied at school. Almost every parent who calls me tells me the school doesn’t take it seriously, doesn’t punish the bullies and dismisses it as “kids will be kids.” The most school employees will tell parents is “We’re conducting an investigation” or ...
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