Blog Posts in December, 2017

  • Indiana's Spousal Maintenance Statute: Can I Get Financial Support After My Divorce?

    || 15-Dec-2017

    One of the most common questions we get asked during a divorce is regarding alimony. Does Indiana have it? What about spousal support? Will I have to pay either to my ex? The short answer: no. While Indiana does not require parties to pay alimony or spousal support, Indiana does recognize what is known as spousal maintenance. Spousal maintenance may be awarded in a divorce or legal separation, but ...
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  • Least Restrictive Environment and Shortened School Days

    || 14-Dec-2017

    By Tom Blessing Indiana Special Education Attorney Hollingsworth & Zivitz Least Restrictive Environment Under the law, public schools are required to educate students with disabilities in what’s called their least restrictive environment, or LRE. The goal is to make sure that kids with disabilities are educated with their typical peers “to the maximum extent ...
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  • How to Transfer Your Child to Another School

    || 4-Dec-2017

    By Tom Blessing Indiana Special Education Attorney Hollingsworth & Zivitz When people hear the term “transfer schools,” they usually think of a family relocating from one school district to another: a family moves from Carmel to Fishers and the kids are withdrawn from Carmel and enrolled in Hamilton Southeastern—their new school corporation of legal ...
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