Blog Posts in August, 2017

  • Save The Date: Autism Speaks Walk September 9

    || 21-Aug-2017

    By Thomas Blessing Special Education Attorney with Hollingsworth & Zivitz In my special education practice, I represent students with a variety of disabilities. By far the most common diagnosis I see is autism. An estimated 1 in 68 children is on the spectrum, creating tremendous demand for resources. Unfortunately, most public school districts do not provide the level of ...
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  • Special Needs Carnival

    || 14-Aug-2017

    By Thomas Blessing Special Education Attorney with Hollingsworth & Zivitz Each year as part of its Fall Festival, the Zionsville Lions Club hosts a free "VIP Carnival" for kids of all ages who have special needs, their families and caregivers. I know how challenging it is to find activities for children with special needs and this is a wonderful opportunity for ...
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  • New Law Allows Victims of Domestic Abuse Access to Phone Plans, Pets Now Also Protected

    || 11-Aug-2017

    Beginning July 1, 2017, a new Indiana law will allow judges to approve the transfer of phone plans over to victims of domestic violence without an account holder’s consent. The hope is that by allowing victims of domestic violence to keep in touch with their support system, victims can make a clean break from an abusive relationship. Until now, the issue of phone plans was never addressed ...
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  • Should Your Child Be Tested by a School Psychologist?

    || 7-Aug-2017

    By Tom Blessing Special Education Attorney with Hollingsworth & Zivitz Is your child struggling in school? If you suspect your child may have a learning disability or behavior problem, it’s a good idea to have him evaluated by a psychologist who specializes in educational evaluations. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), there are generally ...
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