Blog Posts in December, 2012

  • The Twelve Days of Divorce

    || 21-Dec-2012

    For a full-text version of the article, "Twelve Days of Divorce," please visit the following link:
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  • Lakers' Guard in Bizarre Custody Fight

    || 17-Dec-2012

    Steve Nash, a guard for the LA Lakers, is currently in litigation with his former Wife over her proposed relocation with the parties' children. The parties' divorce was reportedly finalized in Arizona in 2005. Since that time, the parties' three (3) children have resided primarily with their Mother in Arizona despite Nash's subsequent move to California to play with the Lakers. ...
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  • Supreme Court to Hear Two Cases Concerning Constitutionality of Gay Marriage

    || 12-Dec-2012

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  • How Much Will My Case Cost?!?!?!

    || 3-Dec-2012

    During many initial consultations with clients, one of the most frequently asked questions at the outset of a case is "how much will my case cost?" Unfortunately it is very difficult to determine an accurate estimation of the total cost to finalize any given case, as each set of facts in a family law case is unique and can change during the pendency of the divorce. This difficulty is due ...
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